Hi @ all

My name is Jonathan. Currently I am living in Heilbronn - Germany, working as a software developer.

I started with computers in the age of 10 years. Since this I was using web-technologies for most ob my work. Huge thanks for all the support to Mr Meschke - my mentor at SRZ Meissen. Sadly the SRZ is closed now. But they had done some great work for all their members.

I am part of the great community of code for heilbronn which is a local group of open knowledge germany. This community is one of my biggest investments where I spend lots of time but receive great inspiration in return.

Accounts / Other Platforms

You could find me on Twitter and github as well as on xing and linkedin.


I try to post in english and german. Some older stuff will may be in german only. I am writing in english to improve myself and reach a bigger audience. If there are some mistakes, please let me know on twitter or by mail.


any questions? mail me: mailbox(at)hmnd.de

this blog

This blog is proudly made using jekyll - served on top of docker - using nginx and docker-compose - build and versioned by gitlab